Supply Chain Software for Agri-product Sourcing


Simplify Your Farmer Relation

Manage Farmers

Know your farmers.
From a global picture of your suppliers network to the detailed view of each farm, at a glance. Help farmers improve quality and yield of their production and secure  the sustainability of your supply chain.

Transform Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Be where it matters.
Monitor procurement, transport and storage at every step of your supply chain.

Manage Performance with Intelligent Data


Be with your staff.
Manage your teams on the field from data collection to training activities

Manage tomorrow’s business, not yesterday’s.
Work with up to date information thanks to
our mobile data collection and audit system.

Save time and money.
Forget shelves filled with files and papers – all you need to manage and secure transactions is here.

Improve how you are doing.
Manage your business processes
with comprehensive and intuitive reports
and vizualization interfaces.

Collect Offline, Manage Online!

Visualize data with intuitive reports.
Monitor the key assets of your organisation in the field. Carry out routine evaluation and audit of your entire supply chain structure.
Real time information about registered farmers – profile, agriculture practice & compliance with certification-verification standard, etc.
Track cash and stock movement during the buying season and visualize farmers’ dispersion within your supply chain.
Set daily the price to be used by your agents. Track cash and stock position at every level of your supply chain including transit.

Ready To Deploy, Easily Scalable and Customizable

Jump in. Our turn key solution can be deployed as quickly as a few clicks. No need for additional assets or infrastructure, it’s all cloud based.
Evolve. Your activity is expanding? Implement additional modules depending on your business needs
Adapt. You deal with a wide range of products? Our solution is Truly Multi-Product multi-purposes. And if you have specific needs, we can even customize it for you.

Designed and Supported by Agri-business Experts

Work with a tool designed for your business.
Our teams have been working in agro-industry for over 15 years. Their experience is at the core of our solution.

Focus on your needs. We are based in Uganda, we work in Africa. We know what you are dealing with.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Expect the same standard as major players.
We incorporate technology that brings value and simplicity to your agriculture supply chain.
Get your Information now.
Data collection is real time only. Replace data collection by reporting.
Make it work with what you have.
Our solution is designed to perform in low tech environment. No need to purchase costly equipments.

A Solution Your Company Can Afford

Pay for what you need.
Our activity based fees are designed to keep consistent with the volume of your business.
Avoid bad surprises.
You have free Unlimited Mobile & Web App Users



“Now you can manage
everything in your supply chain
from the farmer to the market!”