Our History

Through Metajua over 250,000 small holder farmers across 6 countries and agriculture value chains have been progressively and durably connected to export market since we started business in 2012.

The company came out of the frustration of running agro-product sourcing projects with paper and excel tools to collect and generate information. Now we’re a leading farmer relation and supply chain management platform in Eastern and Southern Africa, and our clients are buying collectively over 100 MT of product from small farmers a day. We democratize technology for cooperatives, SMEs and larger businesses, creating innovative products that makes our customers to better interact with farmers, facilitate farmers’ financial inclusion and stakeholders’ value from increased supply chain efficiency.

Our Business Timeline


We started to work with Ecocert on an auditing tool for Vanilla in Madagascar – the Apex project. We continue to extend our capabilities in developing third party software solutions and on-boarding new clients on the standard platform with fully customizable options.


Great news! The Metajua Standard Web Application was released. After a lot of hard work, we successfully launched a totally new platform for agri-product traceability. 2019 has seen adoption and growth in Madagascar and West Africa so far.


It’s just starting! In a few months we are launching a totally new platform; a plug and play to connect and source from small holder farmers. Should be just as easy as setting up a social network account! Digital flow from field to office and back is a reality, next big challenge for Metajua is how innovative and impactful people sourcing from small farmers can become, using all this new available information.


Started to work in Madagascar, deployment made 100% remotely… getting ready for scale. 250,000+ farmers on the platform


Reached 150,000 farmers on the platform; adding vanilla and now working in Eastern DR Congo


We are adding grain, horticulture, and fish farming clients; for over a year we have been customizing our own ODK mobile app and a rich web interface to visualize data, administrate users and information collected in the field; started work in Burundi and Rwanda


Reached 50,000 farmers on the platform, exploring farmer segmentation in northern Uganda on sorghum and soya… trying to understand how to differentiate farmers in order to offer custom strategy for training, input provision, grouping… the data revolution is coming; started work in Tanzania


Developing automated reporting covering farmer registration and audit, buying and stock movement in the field; cocoa customer on board


Charles and Merlin joined effort, one bringing small holder farmers sourcing experience and the other business intelligence practice. Switching to an android powered app for data collection and getting our first clients in Uganda; coffee is our 1st product


Stepped out of employment and incorporated a company in Uganda… android phones are becoming widely available… it’s a game change for mobility solutions


Piloted internal audit with 800 farmers in Uganda and got them certified organic and FLO. We got almost real time information from the field workers farmers’ visits… all info was digitalized from the field, no double entry full of mistake. We had clean data set to explore immediately and we were generating maps with farmers location and highlights on key findings… a new area was opening up


Started to look at mobile data collection using Windows mobile app… remember you had no smartphone!

Use Metajua

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With you we have great work and challenges to solve for many years to come, by joining effort we can increase small holder farmers share in the chain, make farming more sustainable and resilient while bringing product sourcing to scale.

Our Team

Metajua’s team of 15+ is growing quickly to support new customers every month. As a privately owned, founder-led company, we’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way. We invest in engineering, research, data insights, customer support, and great design. We also invest in our employees.

Work with Metajua

We’re always looking for smart, creative people to join our team in Uganda-Kampala and in the coming months in our new subsidiary office in a Francophone country. Our employees enjoy the stability of a time-tested and successful product and the excitement of developing new products and features.