Our Solution

Metajua provides a modular solution with the aim of covering all data flow needs for organizations buying agriculture products from and interacting with smallholder farmers.

Implement Externally Verified Supply Chain

Metajua solution is commonly used by organisations that implement externally certified – verified supply chain centered on one or more than one product combined.

Accessible via Mobile & Web Interface

Data entry is done by field staff, through the mobile interface, in offline mode. The web app is used by supervisors, managers, administrators to assign mobile users, review field activity reports, authorize transaction, set price, send bulk SMS messages, etc.

Enhance the Accuracy of Data Collection

In the field, digital scale, and a growing array of sensors (PH meter, water meter…) and printer can also be used to further enhance the accuracy of data collected and farmers experience interacting with the system.

Organization Mapping

Map and monitor the key assets of your organization in the field.

Identify your bulking centers, warehouses, processing units and export mill either directly owned or belonging to 3rd parties. Cary routine evaluation and audit of your entire supply chain structure before the season, update contact list and equipment status. The organization mapping is used as a pivot to track cash and stock movement during the buying season and visualize farmers’ dispersion within your supply chain.

Farm & Farmers

Register farmers or upload your existing farmers’ database and verify information.

Validate farmers, their farm characteristics and their household, social, economic, and environment data. Assign unique code, print farmer cards, cary internal audit and follow up visits with a sophisticated approval flow mechanism to manage certification data dynamically.

Loan (Cash – Input)

Provide pre-harvest cash or input loan(s) and manage repayment by individual farmers during the season. Monitor your exposure and recovery rate overall and for each individual farmer.

Supply Chain – Inventory

Set daily the price to be used by your agents in the field while buying from registered/ certified farmers. Track cash and stock position at every level of your supply chain including transit from one level to another. Create batch and follow individual batch performance. Track and communicate to your client with full batch/lot traceability.

System, users and archives

You are in charge; set your system preferences, user profiles both mobile and/or web. Monitor staff performance. Close past seasons position (farmer list, batch…) like you would close your past financial year account. Retrieve archived position on demand.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Do you have a partnership with NGOs to support the work you do with smallholder farmers? Create surveys on demand and monitor performance in real time using auto generated maps, tables and graph. You are in control! We can help you developing complex data collection forms for baseline, midlines… overtime if you want increase the relevance of your M&E we can help refine a dynamic, optimised flow of information with the same experience and integration with the other modules you use.


Send bulk SMS to your partner farmers, your staff and partners. Pay, disburse or receive payment from/ to any when registered on the platform. (Subject to available agreement with local mobile network operators or aggregators.)


Something we have not catered for?
We aim at continuously improve and enrich our tool box while keeping it the most affordable for all types of organizations. If there is a particular component that you would like us to develop or a particular adaptation to better fit your existing procedures.

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